About Us

Lisa opened Rarity's Boutique in 2012. LisaLou made her first Rainbow Dash hoodie and showed it to the My Little Pony community when she was unemployed in April 2012. Instantly, the hoodie was loved by the absolutely amazing community, and she started her Etsy site to keep track of commissions and orders as they quickly piled in. Lisa had been dreaming of that moment for years, since owning a successful online craft business was her dream.

In 2018, Lisa went blind. She
 is low-vision legally blind and has a small amount of tunnel vision but is almost completely color blind.

Before going blind Lisa had attempted almost every dream of hers: travel, costumes and small business owner. Lisa is still director, marketer and sole designer of Rarity's.

Lisa still has LOTS of hoodie designs in her head and we will be exploring ways to get those made!

When Lisa is designing, Mom is her eyes---

Shary (aka Lisa's mom) helped with Rarity's Boutique early on: bookkeeping, sewing and other tasks. For the past couple years (since Lisa went blind) she's the one answering messages, making social media posts and doing the day-to-day supplies ordering, cutting and sewing.

Mike (aka Lisa's Dad) usually steps in and does the packaging and shipping.

We want to thank you all for the support and love you all have shown. We've had a long and wonderful 11 years so far, and we hope you'll join us for the next 11 years.

On the store pages you will find the original hoodies Lisa designed which are now being made by our family business.

Thank you!