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"Oh my God. This is not a hoodie. It's a piece of art. It's the best thing I've ever bought. Beautiful! "Positive" is not even halfway close to express how happy I am with this transaction. Thank you so much Lisa. Thank you!"
--Mateusz Lesniewski

"I have never been more happy with a purchase/seller. This girl is amazingly talented and nice. Well worth the price. Also crazy fast shipping. It fits amazing. Im a little busty so i always get worried about purchasing hoodies online but i can zip this all the way up to my neck and its still form fitting. Thank you so much! (:"
--Andrea Antidormi

"I am enjoying the heck out of my hoodie. It is so comfortable and fuzzy. The touch that across the neck there is the harness makes it all the better."

"Thank you so much. It's more amazing than I had hoped it would be. Absolutely perfect. I'm so happy it got here on my birthday as well. Once again, thank you very much and keep up the great work. c:"
--Cory Snyder

"The hoodie looks just as good in person. Fits wonderfully! The whole thing is made from super soft fleece. I love the detailing. The handwritten note and the packaging were a great personal touch. Felt like I was opening a Christmas present! Good thing I didn't have to wait that long (though it'd still be worth the wait). Would definitely purchase another hoodie if I spot another design that I absolutely cannot live without (Rainbow Dash is best pony). Thanks Lisa =)"
--Christopher LePhong

"Got for my sister as a gift for her birthday and she was ecstatic! She got it in the mail today and promptly sent me photos of her posing in her earth bender forms. Great job with the awesome hoodie and very prompt and courteous with communications!"

"Absolutely one of the finest hoodies I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Lisa goes the extra mile for me and I am honestly say that I am absolutely coming back for more hoodies"

"I just got it in this afternoon and I absolutely love it <3 The colors are beautiful and the stitching is amazing. The fabric is amazingly soft and I could just sleep in it~ I would recommend this to any MLP fan that wants what they pay for. I love love LOVE this hoodie <3"
--Lewan Wolf

"The perfect present for any Briony. Lisa was so sweet throughout the process, from discussing shipping to gift wrapping. My partner couldn't believe the quality of the sweatshirt, the attention to detail was amazing. Thank you so much! Could not recommend any more highly."
--Jessica Tekin

"This was actually a custom order that came out magnificently. This product is the highest quality you could hope for. It is worth every penny. In addition to the great product you get to work with Lisa. She is not only creative and talented but also extremely friendly and honest. The customer service and communication is amazing. I highly recommend buying from Rarity's Boutique and I know that I will someday be back for more."
--Heidi Leathers

"Waiting for this great piece to be completed was crazy! :D I am so glad that I was able to wait, though! The actual shipping was very fast. The detail and care put into this is almost unreal! The stitching is flawless and the colors are bold and definitely make a statement. The sizing chart was very helpful as the jacket that came fits me perfectly. Having to hand-make each jacket from scratch must take a lot of dedication! The seller is so friendly and is absolutely great about getting back to your questions promptly. Not only does she make these great pieces, but she also knows the community well. I recommend this to anyone and everyone looking to make a fine pony impression! Now I just have to anticipate the colder months of the year to roll in! :)"
--Cheryl Holbrook

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