Here's a bunch of questions we get asked a lot. If your question isn't answered here, the best way to get a hold of someone is to message us on Etsy


Do you make the hoodies yourself?

Yes! Well, Shary (Lisa's mom) does. 

Lisa designs, does marketing and models while Mom does the shopping, cutting and sewing and Dad does the shipping


Do you use any other fabrics than anti-pill fleece?

Due to the variety of colors that my hoodies demand, anti-pill fleece makes it possible for me to make the characters as accurate as possible. So for now anti-pill is all we work with

What IS Anti-Pill fleece, and whats the difference between it and sweatshirt fleece?

Sweatshirt fleece is the fabric most store hoodies are made out of like a regular sweatshirt or sweatpants. Anti-Pill fleece is warm and fuzzy, and can usually be seen in warm winter jackets. Ours aren't as warm as a winter jacket because we don't line them, but they can still keep you toasty on a cool night or in the air conditioning ^_^

Do you do custom orders?

No. We're too busy making orders from our shop! If you want to make minor changes like removing a part of the design or even changing up a color or two, though, please let us know! We're happy to make the hoodie special for you!

Do you do child sizes?

No, we do not. Just adult unisex sizes and womens sizes!

You don't accept returns-- what ensures me a high-quality product?

Well, the reason I don't do returns is because each hoodie is custom-made for each customer-- making each one unique and awesome! But, if you're unsure, feel free to check out my product reviews on my Etsy site!:

Etsy Reviews

I have long (or short) arms/short (or long) torso/large chest/etc. can you accomodate for this?

Yes! Just let me know in a note to seller with your transaction and any customization that you may want! And remember--measurements help!

Do you ship to X country?

From this site (BigCartel) we only ship to the US. Return regulations and new import rules prevent us from shipping everywhere like we used to.

Sadly for that reason we no longer ship to Europe at all :(

If you'd like to order and you don't live in Europe or the US, please message us on our Etsy site. We'll be glad to post a special listing for you there. Keep in mind that you are responsible for shipping costs and any taxes and customs fees, and that can get pretty expensive. Please check the costs before you message

I purchased while the site was on Etsy and I got a discount code in the mail. Can I still use it?

Yes! It SHOULD still work. If it doesn't, email me! [email protected]

I wanted to use my Etsy Gift Card on one of your products. Now I'm sad.

Don't be sad. I'll make a reserved listing for you on my Etsy site so you can still get your hoodie!

How do I wash my hoodie?

Anti-pill fleece is machine washable. Stain treat it as normal and wash in cold water, and then tumble dry on low and it will come out fluffy and look new again! Wash your hoodie sparingly, because it IS handmade and has a lot of hand-stitched appliques. The hoodies are sturdy though---we hear from lots of customers who have had their hoodies for years and are still wearing it!